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1700s. it burned down and they rebuilt it in the late 1700s. such a beautiful cathedral. we hope to visit inside in the next couple of days. so people are starting to come into town now. we are staying near the convention center where that's a lot of -- where the media is staying. the 9ers are along the waterfront at the marriott on canal street. the ravens are in the hilton in the french quarter and we're reporting from jackson square. the superdome is about a 25- minute walk from here so we can eat everything we want to eat here because we have been hoofing it walking quite a bit in new orleans. very similar actually to san francisco,a pedestrian city. one thing here is they know how to throw a good party and they're throwing not one but
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two. reporter: mardi gras is well under way in new orleans, two weeks of nonstop parades, booze and beads. but this year, the festivities serve as bookends for the super bowl. >> we control crowds better than anybody in the world hands down no question about it. and this year, we want to do something even more. >> reporter: that's because 150,000 people are expected for the big game alone and even more for the last week of mardi gras. >> our police department has more experience than any other police department in the nation in managing large crowds because we do mardi gras every year. it's the equivalent of a super bowl every year. >> reporter: they are working around the clock including the dozens of mounted officers lining the streets in the french quarter. here safety is priority. there's one trick to keeping the peace in new orleans. >> our officers learn from their first days of service that when you're in a huge crowd of people by yourself, you have to make friends and
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talk to people and work with people and that crowd will support you no matter what. >> reporter: there's no doubt, it's a big under taking for the city but the jobs and the more than $400 million it's expected to rake in the next week is worth it. this is the nopd's time. we're going to eclipse everything that happened to us in the next two weeks and the men and women of this department are not going to let the people down. >> reporter: so far they haven't disappointed. this is what new orleans is looking like right now. the fog over the mississippi river is rolling in. it was warm a half hour ago. now it's a muggy chill in the area. had to throw the old coat on. i'm sure it will get warmer throughout the day. frank i have to tell you, you know what i ate in foodie
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paradise? i ate chicken tenders. who eats chicken tenders in new orleans? >> nobody. but i guess since you did the sea thing over the weekend you were due to fall back on something like that. i imagine your live shot at 1 a.m. is a little different. it must have been crazy last night. >> reporter: it was crazy. we were out here at 1:00 in the morning and there were still a lot of people out. this city really never sleeps. >> and neither do you. >> reporter: apparently. [ laughter ] >> okay. great job, michelle, thanks. back here at home, the 49ers opponent in sunday's super bowl, well, they are now in new orleans too. the ravens flew in yesterday afternoon after a practice session in baltimore. the ravens have a reputation as a trash talking team. but head coach john harbaugh says his team will play hard- nosed football with character
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and class and expects the same from his brother jim's 49ers. >> the team we're playing is built the same way. we have a lot of respect for the 49ers. we have a lot of respect for their coach. their coaching staff and players. and i expect it to be played in that way. >> john harbaugh says his team is very respectful of his opponents and the opponents respect the ravens. san francisco's mayor is hoping to rally support for his crackdown on heavy drinking during sunday's super bowl. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in the mission district where a booze fight is brewing over the mayor's recommendation. elissa joins us with more. reporter: good morning, frank. basically the mayor doesn't want a repeat of what happened after the giants won the world series. who can forget this when rowdy fans, many of them who had been drinking, started riots and set fires in the mission district. now, to curb potential violence, mayor ed lee is asking bars and restaurants to consider limiting their alcohol sales to super bowl sunday.
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but some business owners say this is not the solution. it's going to affect their bottom line, and some are going as far as to comparing the idea to prohibition. >> as long as we're not feeding people shots of booze and sending them out on the streets, i think they'll be fine. >> reporter: now, a national group representing more than a dozen san francisco restaurants is hitting back calling the mayor's suggestion to limit sales ridiculous. part of their statement reads, "alcohol is a safe and legal product when consumed responsibly by adults. attempts to ban or restrict the sale of certain types of alcohol during a sporting event like the super bowl is unnecessary and will discourage fans from watching the game at their favorite restaurants." they also say that their servers go through alcohol training and know when to cut people off. now, the mayor says that he has no plans to actually ban the sale of alcohol. but he just wants everybody to celebrate responsibly this super bowl sunday.
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live in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. all right, elissa, thank you so much. there's a serious warning coming out to people in the bay area who are coming out east for super bowl 47. watch out for scammers. our very own cate caugiran is in the newsroom with more on that. good morning, cate. reporter: good morning, michelle. scam artists are preying on the super bowl excitement and unfortunately it appears the artists are getting more clever with every detail. this morning a hayward couple is out almost $6,000 because of a super bowl ticket scam. they found an ad on craigslist for four tickets. they wired the seller in baltimore $5,900. then they got this, take a look. a picture of quarterback colin kaepernick and joe flacco with a message underneath that read, enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. cbs 5 spoke with the victims. they did not want to go on camera but tell us they have not gone to the police. now, in new orleans, scam
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artists there are capitalizing on unknowing tourists. this is a tactic that's a growing concern within the french quarter. the artists post weekend rentals using fake addresses or homes not up for rent. the victims pay up front and by the time they get to where they think they are staying, its too late. >> she was here for my b & b rental and she didn't believe me when i told her i didn't have a b & b and she protested and then she said and i'll show you, here, i have the paperwork. >> reporter: experts say the high demand from the super bowl is bringing out more scams. they have seen this tactic before but now it's getting worse. four french quarter groups say the scams are a by-product of the growing illegal short-term rental market in the city and stronger enforcement of that they say would put a dent in the scam. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. you certainly have to be careful out there. let's get to weather now. i was telling frank earlier,
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lawrence, that it's getting muggy. it's misty out here. it's supposed to rain tomorrow. lawrence, you should be here. you would love it. >> i would. it's 68 degrees out there right, michelle, and you have your coat on. >> what's up with that? >> reporter: i don't know. the breeze is coming off the river and i'm a little cold but now i'm getting warm. it's all over the place. >> i hope they have some umbrellas for you later because you have thunderstorms later on this afternoon and tonight. it could get stormy out there for you but here in the bay area, we have high clouds outside and looks like a very nice day ahead as high pressure builds in. we are looking at a couple of great days as temperatures will be running above average into the afternoon. right now we have some 30s and a few 40s outside. i think we are looking good though as we sail into the afternoon as this ridge will dominate our weather the better part of the week. the next knew days really warming up -- the next few days really warming up, mid-60s in the middle of the week. today a transitional day, seasonal this time of year.
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50s and 60s are the average. probably a little above that in places like santa rosa, about 62 degrees the expected high this afternoon. 58 in livermore. and about 57 degrees just slightly below average for this time of year. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> hi there lawrence. good morning, everybody. traffic so far still looking great no major accidents to slow you down out there. and if you plan on making the nimitz drive that's moving at the speed limit between oakland right here approaching hegenberger approaching the fremont area so really no big delays for both directions of 880. same story for 880 in the san jose area. you're looking at live pictures at traffic as it rolls past coleman avenue extremely quiet for bay area freeways. even the bay bridge is not too late to beat the backups there. still wide open at the pay gates. of course, at this early hour those metering lights are still off. as we look at some drive times, westbound 580 leaving the altamont pass to the dublin interchange, a quick 14 minutes. yellow you see there is a
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little slow traffic approaching grant line but by and large a good start to the tuesday commute. frank? >> okay, thanks liza. it is 5:11. a former 49er is about to go on trial for allegedly beating up an ex-boyfriend. the fight started believe it or not over soy sauce. it's a crazy story. 30-year-old kwame harris was arrested at a restaurant at menlo park last year. investigators say harris got angry when the ex-9er poured soy sauce over a bowl of fried rice and harris accused a friend of stealing underwear and tried to pull his pants down. that's when things got violent. >> grabbed on to him pinned him against the glass of the wall of the restaurant and began hitting him repeatedly in the face and head. >> harris pleaded not guilty. he goes on trial in april. harris was the 49ers top draft pick in 2003. 5:12. it's the countdown to the big game, the super bowl. and are you feeling a little
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9er fever up there yet michelle? >> reporter: i'm feeling a little 9er fever, yes! i think the football fans are going to be trickling into the city in the next couple of days. of course, looking forward to super bowl xlvii. and we have been finding out what the locals do here and also the big tourist attractions in new orleans. you know, it's lively in the french quarter. but we went to a tourist attraction that a lot of people go to. it's a little bit quieter. lucky charms?! ♪ ♪
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big easy buries its dead differently than the rest of the country.. but graveyards there aren't only a place for grieving right? good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is at the super bowl in new orleans. michelle, in new orleans they bury the dead differently than they do here. and the graveyards are almost like tourist destinations, i guess, right? >> reporter: they are. they even give tours at night of some of the cemeteries. but we visited one of the old he was and one of the most popular. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> new orleans is one of the few places in the united states that has above ground burial. there is a rumor voodoo queen
5:15 am
buried in the cemetery marie lavot. people come here to see her tomb. ♪ [ music ]♪ this is the second most popular graveyard destination. after graceland. it makes new orleans unique. >> it's the cemetery that drives me here. i have been sitting here about an hour sketching and you start to notice things. this is where people's family members are buried. is it peaceful or spooky? it's spooky. it's not a place i'd want to come after sundown. but that's what's special about it. >> we have a very unique relationship with the dead. not crazy. it's actually very peaceful. so i invite them to come and visit and experience it for themselves. ♪ [ music ]♪
5:16 am
>> reporter: that's honestly been one of my favorite places to visit so far in new orleans. all joking aside, it really is a sacred place not eerie during the day but i don't want to be there at night, liza. >> that could be creepy but interesting. could be fun depending who you're with, i guess. >> reporter: a lot of history. >> yes. thank you so much, michelle. hi there, everybody. we are going to talk about the morning commute. and got some interesting stuff brewing on bay area freeways. chp had to temporarily shut down all lanes of north 880 in hayward approaching highway 92 because of a hot dog cart that was stuck out there in the middle of the road. it's cleared up. traffic is fine north 880 approaching 92. the san mateo bridge is looking fine approaching the toll
5:17 am
plaza. no problems for the bridge commute. highway 92 a good option between hayward and foster city. the bay bridge drive westbound traffic very light wide open at the toll plaza. you get on the bridge and that light traffic stays with you all the way across the upper deck heading into san francisco. that's a look at the morning commute. here's lawrence. >> a hot dog cart. >> making me hungry. >> folks, around the bay area some high clouds starting to stretch overhead this morning. looks like a good day ahead. by the afternoon should be a decent day a little above average in the 50s and 60s. out toward the coastline a little breezy. so mid-50s but cooler than that in the wind. high pressure moving in. another day before it starts to set up. that's helped to crank up the temperatures the next few days. for today around seasonal for this time of year. maybe slightly above then warmer temperatures as we round out the week. numbers around the state about
5:18 am
60 degrees in sacramento. 55 degrees in fresno. 43 degrees sunny in lake tahoe and 63 degrees in redding. around the bear today sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the south bay. cooler 50s toward the coastline with a breeze. 50s and low 60s well inland 60 in the napa valley, dry and sunny in santa rosa. 57 degrees in san francisco. midweek temperatures moving up into the mid-60s. then over the weekend clouds start to roll in. looks like cooler temperature on saturday and sunday. the next few days spectacular. >> wednesday and friday spectacular. it is 5719. coming up the warriors big man making his return to the court. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 news headlines. live in new orleans all morning long as football fans start trickling into the crescent city ahead super bowl xlvii, coming up we'll tell you who a
5:19 am
big name celebrity from new orleans is rooting for.
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center andrew bogut on the floor ... they lost steph curry, at least for the rest of the game. curry twisted his right ankle when he stepped on a raptors' foot in the third quarter at toronto. just as the warriors put andrew bogut back on, steph
5:22 am
curry twisted his right ankle in toronto. warriors sealed the win late in the game with the play of the day. four players touch the ball before bogut there he is monster jam the warriors win it 114-102. good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is in new orleans. i imagine you bumped into a few celebs? >> reporter: a few celebrities. it's been interesting walking the streets down here. you never know who you're going to run into. so someone we saw yesterday was james carville and here's what he said about the game. >> i'm forever behind. i want double secret triple- double overtime [ indiscernible ] i don't care. >> reporter: triple-double triple overtime -- what is that? we just want the 9ers to win. that's it. i don't care how they do it as long as they win. right, frank? >> he is can of ay guy.
5:23 am
did you get to chat with him a little bit more? >> no, not really. we asked him a couple of questions after a news conference but he had to go. he was with the mayor. what he did say though is that new orleans is the best place to host the super bowl and they did it cheaper than probably any other city across the country. they don't have to build anything to accommodate people. it's been here nearly 300 years. new orleans is here. take it. >> it's party central. they hosted the super bowl more than anybody. this is their tenth time. it is the perfect place for the super bowl. great stuff. 5:24. from phony tickets to rental scams, how to look out for some common super bowl swindle. >> bowl sunday mayor ed lee wants to keep the city safe. but one of his ideas is being slammed by restaurant owners and one national institution. i'll tell you what that's all about coming up. from c-h-p to crack down on th >> look at these cars doing stunts in the middle of the bay
5:24 am
area freeway in daylight. a push for chp now to crackdown on the daredevil distractions.
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♪ [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. mallicoat. and michelle griego, live in from new orleans. we're owl 47. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, january 29. i'm frank mallicoat here in the bay area. my coanchor michelle griego having fun in the big easy. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: oh, just a little fun, frank. don't tell the boss. we have been having a lot of fun. hey, you have been asking me all morning, frank, where the 9ers fans are? guess what. i found one! jeremy, come talk to me. >> hi. >> reporter: look at, frank. this is jeremy. >> unbelievable. >> hi, frank. >> hi, jeremy. >> reporter: all right. jeremy, so you're from new orleans but you're a 9ers fan?
5:28 am
>> i am. 49ers fan just the saints weren't the greatest back in the early '80s and i kind of adopted the 49ers at that time, was a big montana fan. and i thought it was a, you know, a great team to follow. and it's good to see them coming to my hometown and be able to, you know, take part of all the festivities going around town. >> reporter: so you are definitely rooting for the niners. now, what would happen if the saints and the 9ers were playing? >> that would be a tough call. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'd have to go with the home team but, you know, it would be a great game. >> reporter: what do you think of kaepernick? >> i think he's awesome. think he has a lot of potential. caught everybody by surprise. i think he'll be a game changer. >> reporter: i have been exploring your city in the last few days. its one of the best places to host a party. >> it is. it's kind of been the dream place for all sporting events to come to. it already has the culture built in for everything that's
5:29 am
going on. so i'm glad you're enjoying it. >> reporter: mardi gras, did you take part in that? >> we did. every year comes in this area. so it's crazy how it's fallen around the same time. but, you know, we'll have a good time. >> the city seems to be handling it pretty well now. >> i think they are ready for the big crowds. they split it up. >> what amazes me is mardi gras and the beads and the trash and the cups in the streets. then it all goes away. >> the clean crews are amazing. we're walking the streets this morning, and it's amazing how they can just justice do their job and get it over with every day. get the streets cleaned. >> reporter: they work fast here. all right. before you go, jeremy, tell me the proper way to say your city as name. >> new orleans. >> reporter: new or-lans. >> you don't pronounce the r? >> no.
5:30 am
>> reporter: what's your motto? >> eat, drink and football. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i like it. i like it. i'll take that. jeremy, thank you so much. >> all right. >> reporter: have a good day. eat drink and football. you heard it here, frank. >> i think the chamber of commerce is calling. they want to sign jeremy up. he did a great job. the lone 9er fan that lives right there in new orleans. thank you, michelle. >> reporter: he just walked the steps. we love jeremy. >> he has a 9er outfit on, what the heck. we'll check in. both teams are now in new orleans. they can get ready for the game. of course, the game is surged. the ravens arrived yesterday after practice and meeting in baltimore monday morning. ravens coach john harbaugh talked about his childhood days in michigan playing against his younger brother jim, of course the 49ers coach. >> jim was ahead of his time. he was bigger and stronger than all the kids his age didn't hang around with the kids his age too much. he hung around with me and my friends all the time and he was
5:31 am
good enough to take it to us on a pretty regular basis. >> john harbaugh calls his brother jim a great competitor. they go head to head on sunday. bartenders are blasting mayor lee's call to serve less booze during the super bowl on sunday. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco with the booze fight over the mayor's request. they are none too happy, are they? >> reporter: not too happy about it frank. the mayor's idea is basically that some of the bars might limit their sale of alcohol on super bowl sunday. people won't get too drunk and prevent riots like what we saw after the giants won the world series. some bar owners don't plan to follow his advice saying cutting off liquor sales especially on super bowl sunday would lose them a lot of money. what you you're looking at is what the mission district looked like after the world series, causing riots, setting
5:32 am
fire and destroying property. in the financial district a $700,000 muni bus was torched. the mayor is not planning to actually ban the sale of alcohol on super bowl sunday. but what he is doing is urging businesses to combat violence by cutting people off from hard liquor. some business owners say this is not the solution. >> responsible beverage service and responsible beverage consumption go hand in hand. and that's what we as free americans have the right to do. whether we're conducting our business or enjoying ourselves. >> reporter: the national group representing more than a dozen san francisco bars and restaurants is slamming mayor lee's idea calling it ridiculous. they released a statement urging the city to avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product. now, mayor lee plans to visit businesses here in the mission district that were affected during those riots after the world series. and other bars around here are going to add extra security and there will be hundreds of extra
5:33 am
police officers on the streets this super bowl sunday. live in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. fans are excited to get out here to new orleans but there is a warning out to watch out for scammers. cbs 5's cate caugiran is in our newsroom with more on that. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. now, this is happening too frequently and more people are falling victim to these scams because every detail down to the confirmation letter appears legitimate. now this morning a hayward couple is out almost $6,000 because of a super bowl ticket scam. they found an ad on craigslist for four tickets. they wired the seller who is in baltimore $5,900. then they got this. take a look. a picture of quarterback colin kaepernick and joe flacco with a message underneath that read, enjoy the game. go, ravens, lol. now, we spoke to the victims. they did not want to go on camera but tell us they have not gone to the police scams are no longer limited to ticket sales. but fake online weekend rentals. the scam artists collect up
5:34 am
front money using fake addresses or homes that are not really up for rent. when the tourists arrive they discover the paperwork like the entire deal was fake. experts in new orleans say they have seen this tactic before but now it's getting worse. >> i think the demand by the super bowl is bringing out the scam artists. it's growing. every day we don't enforce we encourage more people to do it. >> reporter: french quarter groups say the scams are a by- product of the growing illegal short-term rental market in the city. stronger enforcement they say would put a dent in the scam. experts say if the prices are too good to be true, it's most likely a scam. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. thank you. we're here in new orleans now. we're talking football. we have been talking mardi gras the last couple of days but now it's all about football.
5:35 am
check what we found out. hey, some saints fans, you know what they're saying? that they are not going to root for the 9ers. why is that? >> ma'am, in our division long rival just can't do it. >> even if i say, please say, go 9ers. >> no, joe montana, steve young connected our butts for how many years? no way! >> reporter: you guys are born and raised here in new orleans. you know how to throw a good party. >> oh, yes. the best. >> reporter: all right. i won't hold it against you. i won't hold it against you that you're not going to root for the 9ers but hey, go 9ers. >> eh, go ravens! >> reporter: no, you can't say that on our air. what's going on here, frank? >> well, you met a couple of guys that root for an nfc team and i think if you go back to last year we kicked new orleans' back side in the play- offs. so i don't blame them. they had a tough year, so. >> reporter: yeah. so it's just bitterness i guess. >> there we go.
5:36 am
we have a lot of cloud cover at this hour, numbers in the 30s and 40s so not as cold as yesterday. i think as we head throughout the day, we are going to see a whole lot of sunshine. right now, it's 39 degrees in livermore, 47 in san francisco? >> a little breezy at the coastline, that's keeping the numbers up. 37 degrees in santa rosa and 45 in -- 45 in santa rosa, 37 in san jose. looks like the next couple of days this ridge of high pressure builds in. that will bring with it a lot of sunshine coming our way and the temperatures warming up. 50s and some 60s today. i think as you get inside the bay 50s and low 60s. and inside the bay 50s and some low 60s for highs. let's check the traffic with liza battalones. good morning, everybody. drivers along 880 in the oakland area have been enjoying very light traffic and that's the still the case. as we go outside and take a look at the nimitz approaching and passing hegenberger road,
5:37 am
that's going to be trouble-free for you. you continue north on 880 and this is what traffic looks like as you make that curve towards the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights at the bay bridge are still off this morning. you pass that area and this is what traffic looks like on the incline section of the bay bridge. it's stacking up a bit. you can see some of that traffic there. but it does pick up approaching the cantilever section of the span. and remember last report i talked about the hot dog cart that was causing problems? chp has cleared the cart, traffic is now moving along just fine with just a minor delay northbound 880 approaching highway 92. that's a look at the tuesday commute. here's frank. >> all right, liza, thanks. 5:38 now. elsewhere in the bay area, that's oakland police chief howard jordan with a news conference this morning to updated us on two officer- involved shootings. two officers are recovering after being shot in the line of duty last week. at least three people were arrested. oakland police are also
5:38 am
looking for the suspects who shot and injured an 8-year-old girl in a drive-by. it happened outside a home on 65th avenue yesterday afternoon. police say the girl was caught in the crossfire. she was not a target. she is expected to recover from her injuries. and the chp is looking for the drivers who did this. [ tires screeching, engines revving ] >> this is youtube video posted of the weekend of what's called a sideshow. doughnuts on a highway. cars doing doughnuts in the middle of the nimitz freeway. this is right near the oakland coliseum in broad daylight. traffic stopped in both directions. people got out of their cars, gawked at the stunts. nobody got hurt, but chp says it caused a major disruption. >> we have the airport that's there, hospitals, people that need to get to places. you had both sides of the freeway blocked. it's extremely important that people don't think that it's fun but it's not funny. you have a lot of people that
5:39 am
you have affected that day. >> chp says they will aggressively pursue the people responsible for this disruption. 5:40. the president takes his pitch for immigration reform on the road. he is actually in las vegas. much more from michelle from the big easy. plus how california's senators are gearing up in the super bowl competition. and this is king takahashi. she is from san francisco. she is a faithful 9er fan. very cute. , of course you can send your pictures to or upload your photos to our website, keep them coming, folks.
5:40 am
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[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. las vegas today to push for immigration reform. ♪[ music ]♪ it is 5:44 now. president barack obama going to las vegas today to push for immigration reform. the president was planning to
5:43 am
introduce a plan of his own but a bipartisan group of 8 senators that came out with a proposal yesterday. the president is getting behind it. that plan would beef up border security and provide a path for citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. the u.s. economy is still described as shaky but don't tell that to investors who are driven large u.s. stock indexes to all-time highs especially this month. jill schlesinger, editor at large for is here to tell us why the stock market is rising so steady. good. >> reporter: good morning. >> we are up 5% and still in the month of january? that's unreal. why? >> reporter: i hate to be asking questions why, but let's start with three factors outside of the u.s. for the first time in over two years we're not talking about europe because they are no longer in crisis mode. next, you know, we saw a big chinese bubble in property and it burst and economists thought that the country would enter
5:44 am
into a prolonged downward spiral but actually china avoided the much feared hard landing and has resumed growing. and finally, after two decades of stagnation, a new round of japanese officials has been elected and they are starting to address the economy in ways not seen in a while. so three good reasons outside the u.s. >> how about here in the u.s.? what's going on here? >> reporter: you know, that delay of the battle over the debt ceiling until may really did reduce some of the near- term investment pressure. i know we still have to deal with it but it did kind of take the level down a few notches. also, the housing market finally contributing to nick growth instead of dragging it down. and maybe the most important, today we started a federal reserve two-day policy meeting and the fed maintains its low interest rate policies until the unemployment situation improves substantially. so those are really positive forces for the stock market. >> my 401 couple of is loving it. and so am i. but is there any
5:45 am
risk because it's going up so quickly? >> well, i think that of course that the folks down in d.c. could turn everything upside-down. they could look at these across- the-board spending cuts and that might not be very investor friendly. the budget negotiations could put a wrinkle into things. additionally, let's look at the small investor. i don't want it blame us but, you know, we're piling into stocks again and it could actually be a negative. in the past when retail investors become optimistic, it's usually the wrong time. we jump into stocks only after they have gone up. and then of course we head for the hills when they drop. so what's the lesson here? instead of just jumping in because the index is up, go ahead and rebalance your account. make sure your allocation is where you want it to be. the best time to do it is when stocks are up. and on, we have the specific investment steps you should take right now. hey, you know what? we want to teach you how to sell high and buy low. i know it's hard but we have a way to do it. >> you don't want to jump on the bandwagon too late. we're all enjoying it now.
5:46 am
>> reporter: indeed. >> of course we are. jill schlesinger, editor at large for, thank you. here's a strange one for you here. sea foam has inundemonstrated a section of australia's western coast. the residue is a result of extreme weather conditions in the country that included a tropical storm last week. look at that. knee deep foam coming in. powerful waves whipped it in, in the algae waters there. witnesses reported seeing foam as high as 9 feet at its peak. the coastal froth isn't just covering the beach. it actually rolled through town and some people were taking pictures in it and, you know, seven, eight feet deep. what's going on? >> like a dream come true. as a kid you want to have all those suds in your bath. >> i guess. >> nine feet high is a little extreme. >> and it's in the street! >> i saw people driving through it. >> doing this skipped of thing. >> we have great weather. >> we have some great weather ahead. i think today we are going to see a few high clouds early on and then by the afternoon a lot of sunshine outside and temperatures are going to start
5:47 am
warming up nicely. not as cold this morning. 30s and some 50s early on. by the afternoon, we should see sunshine and temperatures still breezy and cool at the coast like into the mid-50s but hey, maybe even some low 60s as we get in toward the afternoon. in in some of the valleys. high pressure is building in and it looks like the next few days the sweet spot is going to be the middle of the week when we'll see these temperatures warming up, very mild outside. today right around seasonal, i think the next few days above the average. flying out of sfo, don't expect too many problems there, just some high clouds, no delays expected but across the country got some storms developing. in fact, they got some thunderstorms developing in the houston area. that system actually headed toward michelle griego in new orleans. so you have to watch out for that. the possibility of snow into denver. a few thunderstorms possible into chicago. should be dry in new york. around the bay today, 50s and low 60s. next couple of days, looks like some warmer weather on the way through friday. and then more clouds and cooling off as we head in toward the weekend. let's check the roads now with
5:48 am
liza. >> hey there, lawrence, and good morning, everybody. if you are heading for the dublin interchange, 580 westbound as it approaches 680, give yourself some extra time this morning. got a brand-new accident affecting this already very busy stretch of roadway, west 580 approaching 680. two-car accident off to the right-hand shoulder. so expect to see delays for 580 approaching 680 this morning. as we take a live look of the interchange and traffic leaving the altamont pass, you can see all that slow traffic there very heavy now for westbound 580. it's going to be backed up in stretches from grant line approaching 680. now, the bridge commute so far that's looking okay westbound traffic just a minor delay in those outside lanes, the metering lights are still off. you pass all that traffic a little sluggish now heading up the incline section. and over at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic looking good on the right half of your screen the westbound 92 drive. that's still moving at the speed limit all the way across the bridge heading into foster city. that's a look at the drive.
5:49 am
here's frank. >> thank you, liza. it's 5:50. california senators are getting into the super bowl with a wager. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer made a bet with the maryland senator. they will send crab cakes, cookies and beer if the 49ers win and a cap of hairspray a big thing in baltimore. if baltimore wins, our senators send dungeness crab, a little napa valley wine, sourdough bread and northern california cheeses. i think the senators are going to make out. but i think the 9ers are going to win. 5:50. more michelle all the time. let's go back live to new orleans. >> reporter: frank, of course the 49ers are going to win. yes! we are here on a foggy morning in the crescent city. and we're learning everything the locals do all of the food, all of the music, the culture, the traditions and even a tradition for the young ones. good evening this is flo.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. welcome back. i'm of course here in the bay area. michelle griego having a little fun in new orleans where it's all about parades and parties. right? and food, of course. >> reporter: yes. food, parades, parties, music, and when we think of the parties, we think only adults enjoy this. but it really isn't. it's a family affair. everywhere we went we saw a lot of kids and there's a tradition that not a lot of people know about for the young ones. whoo! i have seen these along all the parade routes. >> yeah. >> these are the stands that people make that are perfect
5:53 am
for the kid. they can stand up, they're safe, out of harm's way and they can catch lots of beads. that's the name of the game. >> i just love catching some things. and having some fun. >> reporter: no one ever falls off? >> i haven't seen it but, you know, you really have to be diligent about watching them and make sure that somebody -- an adult is on the back of the ladder and, of course, not drinking the beer. >> reporter: what do you do with all these beads? >> we sometimes give them away for next parade. >> reporter: i love this. where did you get these? >> from walmart. >> it's the best place in the world and you got to come to mardi gras. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: and i asked so many people here what they do with all these beads because sometimes they just line up along the parade route and collect them in these big garbage bags. this is what they do sometimes. they will make little animals out of those beads. they will tear them up, or they
5:54 am
will make jacks and play jacks and that's what the kids play with. so very inventive there and good way to use all of those beads they collect, frank. >> michelle, i think you bring up a good point. i think everyone thinks of new orleans as the party capital and bourbon street but it is a real kid-friendly city. there's so much history. the mississippi is there. the beautiful cathedral behind you. that kind of thing. it's a family thing. >> reporter: it's a family atmosphere even in the french quarter and on bourbon street we saw a lot of children out there. so they take part in all the fun. >> thank you, michelle. we'll have live coverage from new orleans all week long, all morning long, as well. michelle, dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, and mike sugerman is driving to new orleans right now. you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl. just happens to be right here on cbs 5. kickoff set to go this sunday at 3:30 p.m. 5:56. next half hour, a bay area fan shells out thousands of dollars
5:55 am
for a phony ticket. how to avoid falling victim to some of the super bowl scams that are out there. and a 49er accused of beating up a man that started over a jar of soy sauce. >> a plan by ed lee is improve safety this super bowl sunday is slammed as ridiculous. i'll tell you what that's all about coming up.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. i'm michelle griego, live in new orleans, more than 150,000 people are expected to be here for super bowl xlvii. coming up, i'll tell you how the city is preparing. >> bay area bartenders fighting to serve booze. why they say the mayor's super bowl plan is a big buzz kill. >> starting out with high clouds, chilly, but warmer days are ahead. we'll talk about that coming
5:59 am
up. >> and a very slow start for the 580 commute approaching the dublin interchange. got an accident, but the ace train is still on time. more tuesday traffic in a couple of minutes. good morning, it's tuesday, january 29. i'm frank mallicoat. and our michelle griego is live in new orleans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. can you see this fog? >> yeah, it's a little misty out there. >> reporter: yeah. the mist is really starting to come off the mississippi river right now. a little breeze in the air but not too bad. just a little muggy. for those of you in the bay area who are not familiar with new orleans, we do want to give you a look at how close all of the action really is. we are staying at the convention where the media is. the 9ers are along the waterfront at the marriott on canal street. the ravens are at the hilton in the french quarter and we're reporting to you from artillery park in jackson square. and

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